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Overall dimension 305 cm x 488 cm – H. 232 cm;
Aluminum structure in bronze finishing profile and Elm melamine.
Glass doors in Extralight Glass with “Linen Maté” texture (clear glass with screen printing).
Integrated LED lighting.

The cabinetry includes hanging shelves with LED lighting and hanging rods for clothes hangers, one pull-out trouser holder, five suspended drawer units with two drawer, one open cabinet, three glass shelves for shoes and four glass shelves for storage; the cabinetry can be adjusted on request.

All Prices with VAT included. Delivery and Installation is available but not included. All Ex-displays are sold in shop condition. Currently on display in our Showroom.
original price: 39.000,00 euro
discounted price: 27.300, 00 euro
Boffi Koeln



R.I.G. Kitchen Modules

Measurements: 279 cm x 38 cm - Height 217 cm
Open shelving system with a Frame made of solid steel in powder-coated “embossed black” finishing.
Shelves in wood veneer Ecowood Xilo Planked Grey /Glass
Fronts in Wood veneer Ecowood Xilo Planked Grey
With wine glass and bottle holder

Price incl VAT
original price: 19.800,00
discounted price: 11.200,00
Boffi Koeln



Aprile Sloane

Kitchen island „Sloane“
Measurements: 360 cm x 125 cm
Countertop and side panels in DURINOX ® gunmetal black
incl. Miele kitchen appliances (7697 FL/ G7373)

Peninsula in solid elm wood and OPEN downdraft hood in black with elm wood shelves can be bought opional to it.
original price: 96.000,00 euro
discounted price: 39.000,00 euro
Boffi Koeln




WK 6 mirror with GIO lights.
Dimensions: 250 cm x 90 cm
Original price: incl. VAT.

Price incl VA
original price: 2.380,00
discounted price: 1.700,00
Boffi Koeln




Shower glass door
H= 210 cm W=87,1 cm
Single-leaf , Right stop opening outwards
For cabin , Mounting on tiled floor

Price incl VAT
original price: 2.050,00 euro
discounted price: 1.400,00 euro
Boffi Koeln




WK 6 mirror with 2 LED Light strips.
Dimensions: 180 cm x 120 cm

Price incl VAT
original price: 2.785,00 euro
discounted price: 1.990,00 euro
Boffi Koeln




Works shelf units
Dimensions: W 500 D 500 mm x height 1600 mm
Stainless steel frame Wire glass transparent.

2 items available
original price: 2.780,00 euro
discounted price: 1.100,00 euro
Boffi Koeln




Fitness equipment ORIGINE.
original price: 9.000,00 euro
discounted price: 3.900,00 euro
Boffi Koeln

De Padova


Chesterfield 16

Three-seater Sofa 200cm x 103cm x H.75cm - Seat height 45cm
Upholstered in „Divina“ COL. 691 Tortora
Price with VAT included. Delivery is available but not included.
The Sofa is sold in shop condition.
original price: 8.400,00 euro
discounted price: 1.200,00 euro
Boffi Koeln

De Padova



Charcoal black Ash wood table
Dimensions D = 180 cm, H= 72,5 cm

Price inc.l VAT
original price: 7.400,00 euro
discounted price: 5.100,00 euro
Boffi Koeln

De Padova


Horizontal Sofa

Dimensions: L 300 cm x W 100
Material: frame steel black
original price: 8,800,00 euro
discounted price: 4.400,00 euro
Boffi Koeln

De Padova



RIPAMONTI armchair.
Armchair with swivel base white
Dimensions W= 83 cm, H= 62 cm

2 items available
original price: 3.000,00 euro
discounted price: 1.900,00 euro
Boffi Koeln

De Padova



Japanese lamp in paper (WASHI) with steel wire
d= 100 cm
original price: 3500,00 euro
discounted price: 1.900,00 euro
Boffi Koeln

De Padova



SUNSET armchair
Dimensions W= 63 cm, H= 80 cm
Material: Tanned leather, Japanese oak charcoal gray
original price: 4.200,00 euro
discounted price: 2.900,00 euro
Boffi Koeln

De Padova



TEMPLE low table composition:

Japanese oak black colored
-Dimensions W= 180 cm, D= 190 cm, H= 30
-Dimension W= 60 cm, D= 60 cm, H= 42 cm
-Dimensions W= 60 cm, D= 60 cm, H= 60 cm
-Dimensions W= 100 cm, D= 100 cm, H= 36 cm
original price: 16.710,00 euro
discounted price: 9.600,00 euro
Boffi Koeln